What is serviced on a trailer?

Body Panels

Inspected for any signs of damage and secureness checked.


Operation and adjustment checked

Electrical plug and cable

Operations of lights, condition and cable secureness checked.


Inspected for any signs of corrosion. Cables and lenses checked for any signs of damage. Also includes additional lights and any reflectors.


Condition and secureness checked. Moving parts lubricated.

Coupling Head

Wear, condition and secureness checked.

Brake-away cable

Condition and secureness checked.


Handles and hinges lubricated. Wear and condition checked. Also includes ramps.

Wheels and Tyres

Tyre age, condition and tread depth checked. Rim condition checked. Wheel nuts condition and secureness checked.

Jockey Wheel

Winding action, wear and secureness checked. Moving parts lubricated.

Chassis and Frame

All bolted and welded connections checked for secureness and corrosion.

Wheels Bearings

Wear and operation checked - re-greased if necessary.

All brakes are fully stripped down. Wear and condition of parts checked. Wear and operation of cables checked.

Braking System